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The IIBA UK Mentor Scheme 2021

The benefits of career mentoring in the workplace are proven for both mentor and mentee.

IIBA UK’s professionally created, structured mentoring programme supports you in developing both yourself and your career.

The IIBA UK scheme is specifically designed for our profession, aligned to the BA capabilities and helps you develop in your role.  This 9-month programme will run from February to Oct 2021 and will be delivered by the professional team: 

Who is the programme designed for? 

All Business Analysts 


What’s in for me as a mentor? 

What’s in it for me as a mentee? 

How is it structured? 


What does it cost?  

The deposit, when you register your interest, is only £9.

We ask you to pay the balance when you are accepted onto the scheme.

What does 'accepted onto the scheme' mean?

We aim to accept as many people onto the scheme as possible. Until registrations close we don't know the distribution of people wanting to be mentees and mentors and if we can match everyone with a partner.

This means that, occasionally, we are unable to accept people onto the scheme. In this situation, we refund your deposit.